Board rules

These rules are disclosed to clarify the various responsibilities of all community members here on HP-COMMUNITY.COM. They shall be adhered to by everyone to ensure that our board runs smoothly and provides a fun and productive experience for all of our community members and visitors.

  1. The Community Rules & Regulations [11/06/2017]
    • Disclaimer:
    Breaking one of the rules mentioned below will result in a suitable measure depending on the sort and the amount of the rule(s) that have been broken.

    • Respect
    Every member of HP-Community deserves and has to be respected in all areas in and around the servers.
    You must not use any kind of racial terms, swear/flame words in general or against other players, so that nobody feels discriminated (For example against skin, color, gender, race, etc...) or not welcomed. This counts for all your posts, comments, personal messages or other inputs you may bring in.
    • Posts and Shoutbox
    Doublepost (A post that is followed by another post from the same person) has to be avoided. In case you notice that something is missing in your post after submitting, please use the "Modify" - Button to modify your post.
    Do not spam or flood the forum with either oversized posts and topics or useless posts just to increase the post counter.
    Headlines may be pointed out, but not the whole post. Also mind writing complete sentences.
    Always make sure to read and understand the "Head-Topic(s)" of each section before posting there.
    Do not repost something that a moderator has deleted or edited. Doing so will result in a warning. If you are unsure why something has been deleted, PM a Moderator.
    Do not shout more than 3 shouts in raw except in needed situations such as : explaining something , telling something importent ...ect

    • Pictures/Screenshots/Videos/Clips
    Basically we accept all types of "normal" pictures and videos.
    Pictures or videos which demonstrate or may refer people to: illegal sites, sites with costs, sites which could make people aggressive are prohibited.
    No pornography at all. Remember that there are minors here, so pornographic depictions are not desirable at all here.
    • Advertise
    Advertising for other Servers by IP such as discussions about software piracy is prohibited at all.Linking to other sites is fine as long as it is within the context of a discussion
    Posting a link directly to a resource that answers a question is allowed. Overt promotion is not acceptable and will be removed. Advertisements for your personal homepages, youtube channels, facebook profiles or similar sites is allowed, as long as it does not expand too much, but going on and on is forbidden.
    • Language
    In the main boards of this forum you are supposed to speak english only. If you wish to speak in any other language, please use the Language Boards or write him a personal message, an e-mail or something similar.
    If you have problems with the english language or you do not know how to translate a word, please use a (online) dictionary or a translator. But please take care that your posts are still understandable, so do not translate complete texts or posts with a translator.
    • Signatures
    The maximum height for each kind of signature is 350 pixels. In your signature you are allowed to add everything you wish, as long as it does not break one of the other rules. Signatures, which are copied from other players account will be removed on request.
    If you don't know how to upload/create a signature, please visit this page.
    • Mini-Moderating and Forum Posts
    Do not Mini-Mod. Report rule-breaking members/topics to managers/moderators by using the "Report to Moderator" - Button or write them a personal message.
    Do not be a false witness, means to give your statement only in case it is true and not just to cover someone because he/she is your friend.
    Do not talk about hacks on this forum or incite anyone to use them.
    Do not place posts in topics in which they are not supposed to be.
    Example 1: Don´t post an Admin Apply in Technical Support
    Example 2: Don´t post an Unban Request in Suggestions and Feedback!
    • Forum Moderators & Managers
    The Moderation-Features and Forum Extra's (Stick, Merge, Lock, Remove, etc) must not be abused at all. They have to be used in case it is necessary only. Please make sure to take care about conflicts, moderator applications, unban appeals, etc... and try to solve them in a professional way.
    • Admin Applications & Unban Requests
    Only the person who created his application such as the Administrators, Managers and Head Admins are allowed to comment or vote on it. The only exception where everyone may make an input is if he/she has a direct proof, evidence or a witness statement that supports the development of the application.
    The creation of second accounts for the purposes of breaking rules/causing trouble will result in the banning of the second account and punishment of the owner of the primary account.
    You must not create any account to access firewall during any time you have been banned from accessing the forum. Any secondary accounts will be banned.
    You must not create any member names that mimic or impersonate a member of the moderation or administration team
    Username changes are made at the discretion of the administrators. As a general rule, users are allowed to change their username at most once during the first month of their membership, and at most once between one and twelve months of membership, though exceptions may be made.
    Max members possibly in the same range (ip) are two and one member for each account.

    • No Hacking / Scripting

    Players are not allowed to use any kind of Script [BH] or Cheats [Wallhack,Aimbot,Speedhack....etc].
    This will lead to a permanent ban!

    • No Racism

    Racism is strictly disallowed in our servers such racist names, insulting someone's religion.
    Everyone is welcomed [black/white people, arabic/asiatique/english people...ect]. You must respect other players religions/countries otherwise you will be gagged.

    • No Advertising

    Players are not allowed to advertise other communities website/server IP's. Including their names/chat/microphone.
    This will lead to a warn and permanent ban if needed!

    • No spamming chat

    Do not spamm/flood servers chat (say, say_team) with useless comments.
    Do not spam admin-chat (say_team @) with comments such "hello, how are you" , "hey, what did you watch yesterday on tv".
    This command should be used only to report cheaters!

    • No dis-respecting other players

    Respect other players in the server and don't insult anybody, any excuses such "im just kidding" wont be tolerated.
    Do not insult someone or support and encourage someone to insult another one in reason of having fun or joking. (Not everyone likes this kind of jokes).
    The result will be either gag or time-ban.
    Don't change your nick
    Nick of forum must be the same like in server. (Staff are recommended)
    Don't ban admins!
    If any admin is suspect to you make an demo and report him.
    These rules should be applicated on all cs-club servers. Breaking any rules writen here will lead to a punishment.

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