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These tutorials will help you create your own Counter-Strike Server.

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In this tutorial I will try to tutor everyone (beginner/intermediate/expierenced) people how to make sure that your server files (models/sounds/sprites/gfx's/maps) are beeing sent fast to every client that is connecting to your server.

For this lesson, we need to have the following:

A virtual private server(if you are creating cs 1.6 server, Debian 6.0 or + is recommended)

Installing lighttpd

In order to install lighttpd we first must enter program putty

Inside putty the first following thing you will see after you put your DNS address(the VPS hosting company provides you DNS v4/v6 IP)

is this
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login as:
Type root

Afterwards this will popup
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This is the password that you must type. Either your VPS provider provided you one or you generated new one.

After you sucessfully logged in, the first following thing you must do is type a command in the screen.
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apt-get update
This updates the necessesary files of the VPS incase you are missing out. It is important to start with this one.

Then once you've updated your files, the secondary command follows
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apt-get install lighttpd
Now you have lighttpd installed.

Making folder to fast download

Afterwards you need to type a command:
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mkdir var/www/cstrike
Now you have made a folder which simply allows your server files to be downloaded faster cause they are placed in virtual private server.

Acessing WinSCP

Now we must access your VPS though the FTP side.

If you know your VPS IP and password, it should be easy to connect.

Once you've logged in, you will see folders with names, however you do not need to acess any of those, apart from a folder with two dots
Image Once you pressed it, there should be ton more folders appearing. All we need is to find folder called "var" (its usually the top one always)

Press on folder "var" and check for folder called "www".
Once you pressed on "www" folder, you may find one folder named "cstrike" and index.html. Index.html is not needed for you at this point, just main focus is "cstrike" folder.

REMINDER: from now on if you want to upload server files that requires certain thing to run, you need to move your files there. Always make sure to move folders there aswell (models/maps/sounds/gfx/sprites). Do not upload .mdl files singularily, upload them to the folder which is needed. Otherwise fast download will not work.

Enabling Fast Download

Now that we are clear, you may return back to the start where you saw many folders. Access the folder where your server files are located. You need to find the file named server.cfg

Inside you must type the following commands
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sv_allowdownload "1"
sv_allowupload "1"
sv_downloadurl "http://IP/cstrike/"
As an example:
sv_allowdownload "1"
sv_allowupload "1"
sv_downloadurl ""

Instead of IP write your provided IP address that you are hosting server on.

Hope this tutorial guides you well though your process of making server files download faster.

Scuse my English.

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Mon Sep 04, 2017 5:59 pm

Good work. :)

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