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What does ADMIN offer you?
  • [ADMIN] Prefix, ecample: [ADMIN] Admin: Welcome to HPCommunity
  • Access to amxmodmenu
  • Access to VIP privileges
  • amx_ban, amx_kick, amx_slay commands
  • AK47+Deagle+Armour+Granades every round
  • FAMAS+Deagle+Armour+Granades every round
  • AWP+Deagle+Armour+Granades every round
  • ADMIN shows damage real time.
  • Shown in /admins list.
  • Able to use ADMIN CHAT.
Order using SMS messages

Siuskite zinute su tekstu HPComADMIN Your_IP numeriu 1398. Kaina 2.90 EUR 30 dienu. Kai nusiusite SMS zinute iskart po atsakymo VIP bus automatiskai aktivuotas!

United Kingdom

Send the message with text HPComADMIN Your_IP number 1398. Price: 3.20 GBP for 30 days. When you send SMS message your VIP will be automaticly activated!

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    You can order your ADMIN for longer time using paypal or Electronic national banking.

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  • ADMIN for 60 Days costs only for 8 EUR!

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Skype: evaldas1334 Email: tco1355@gmail.com Phone: +447843732727