HP SuperHero 100LVL Server Is Now OPEN

Admin July 14, 2017


What is SuperHero MOD? SuperHero is a modification of superheroes like, MARVEL, DC, superheroes like Superman, Spider-Man, The Flash, Captain America etc... in the server there is XP system witch it will give you Levels in order to gain a SUPERHERO in order to get them you have to gain enough XP to level up and each level you will get a different kind of HERO to , would it be Batman, maybe SuperGirl you can pick them from over 100 Heroes ! only playing in our servers you will understand how to become a real HERO!

Server Information:

HP SuperHero 100LVL |FreeVIP+Free5LVL+NewHeroes+FDL|


Max LVL: 100LVL

Max Heroes: 120

Automatic XP Save: ON

Note: Every month XP will be restarted!

Note: Every month 1st. place player in /top15 will be Congratulated in the Forum added to the winners list in the Forum category and will recieve VIP for 30 Days.