Admin July 14, 2017


What is CSDM+GUNXP? CSDM - Deathmatch is an AMX Mod X plugin set that adds deathmatch style gameplay to Counter-Strike 1.6 and Condition Zero. GUNXP - Buyzone is restricted and you must kill enemy to get experience, if you have needed amount of experience, then you gain a Level. By the Level you gain more new guns and you can pick up that gun , what is your Level of gun. In this GUNXP you can use command like /ul to unlock your weapons and make them stronger , with nice models and you can do more damage!

Server Information:



Max LVL: 23LVL

Max Unlocks: ALL UNLOCKS

Automatic XP Save: ON

Note: Every month XP will be restarted!

Note: Every month 1st. place player in /top15 will be Congratulated in the Forum added to the winners list in the Forum category and will recieve VIP for 30 Days.